Hip Hop artist Lizzo releases a breakout EP, Coconut Oil

Melissa Jefferson, a.k.a Lizzo, is a alternative hip hop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Earlier in 2016 Jefferson released her EP Coconut Oil. Full of self love and fresh hip hop beats this EP has something for everyone.

The first track, “Worship”, takes you to church right off the bat. The upbeat rhythm of this self love anthem will make your forget your worries and feel yourself all day.

The next song, “Phone”, is a fast beat, spoken word, hip hop classic that anyone could dance to all night.

“Scuse Me” is another self love anthem. With lyrics like, “Scuse me while I feel myself” its undeniable that this song will give you the confidence boost to make it through the day.

“Deep” is a mellower jam that is all about DTR. Lizzo is asking her lover hope deep is their love for her.

The most popular song from the EP and my personal favorite “Good As Hell” is the self love anthem of the century. The catchy rhythms and clever lyrics combine to create the perfect song. The song is all about feeling good despite what anyone else says and taking care of yourself first.

The final song and title song of the EP, “Coconut Oil”, is one of the most unique song I have ever heard. It combines some classical music sounds with hip hop beats to create a sultry sound that feeds your soul.

This entire EP is pure gold and I would recommend it. It is the perfect combination of dance music and soul food. I will be eagerly awaiting more music from is hip hop queen

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