Athlete injures band member

CLARION, Pa.- During the halftime show of Clarion University football’s game with the California University of Pennsylvania, a university athlete collided with a member of the Golden Eagle Marching Band, injuring the musician to the point of crutches this past Saturday.

The anonymous member of the drum line reports that in the middle of one of their songs, one of three football players remaining on the field during the band’s performance would not move out of the path of the band members.

Lucas Mennetti / The Clarion Call A football player injured a Golden Eagle band member on Saturday.
Lucas Mennetti / The Clarion Call
A football player injured a Golden Eagle band member on Saturday.

This caused two more performers to collide with the injured band member and the player, disrupting part of the performance. The injured student said she was placed on crutches for a week’s time; she could not return to perform due to a sprained ankle and the anger she had at the “blatant disrespect that the football team has shown us on multiple occasions.”

“We are all just beyond frustrated,” said the injured band member. “Just because our performance is limited to 10 minutes on the field and they get four quarters does not make it any less valid.”

Head Football Coach Christopher Weibel said, “We are communicating to resolve any future interference with the marching band.”

Weibel, whose players were unknowingly practicing place-kicking when the incident occurred, and the marching band’s director Dr. Casey Teske are communicating to resolve the issue. Weibel said his team will be apologizing for the incident.

Marketing and Communication Director David Love said, “Our goal is to have a mutually supportive environment for everyone at sporting events.”

Love noted safety as a priority for all in university events and believes in appropriate communication to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

Some students on campus have been disturbed by the incident on Saturday, but with talks between students and coaches, the band and team’s relationship seems more hopeful than it did on Saturday.

“We appreciate the marching band very much and the excitement they bring to every game,” said Weibel.

Clarion’s marching band agrees that they would like for the football players to remain off the field for future performances.

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