A Short Story: A Boy and His Dog Part IV

It took a couple of days to get the test results back, but when they did, Dr. Green called and asked that Richard and Sam come in and go over the results before they talk to Charles. They both walk in and sit down in Dr. Green’s office and almost immediately Richard says, “So…What are the results?”

Dr. Green replies, “very surprising if I do say so myself.”  Richard and Sam look at each other confused. Sam speaks up and says that you were sure there was something wrong. Are you saying now that you got it wrong? Dr. Green simply replies, “Yes, yes we did.” Richard and Sam both demand an explanation.  Dr. Green looking ashamed, saying that they thought Charles surly had some kind of disability, but that turns out not to be the case at all. He then says, “Mr. & Mrs. Douglass, your son does not seem to have any learning disability at all. He is a very gifted child. The test results showed first that your son has an above level understanding of your basic core subjects. His scores show that he is well above is grade level. As a matter of fact, I doubt most college students could do half as well as he did. Lastly, according to this test, your son has an IQ of 157. Just so you have something to compare that to, Albert Einstein was thought to have an IQ of at least 160. The room stays quiet for a few seconds and then Richard speaks up and asks, “Are you saying that our son does not have any kind of disability, but is in fact a genius?” Dr. Green sighs and says, “Your son is a very intelligent young man. As a matter of fact, he could be even smarter than what the test shows.” Once again both Ricard and Sam look at each other absolutely puzzled. Dr. Green continues saying that the test Charles was giving was to see if he had a learning disability, not to see if he was a genius or not. It is most likely if Charles was given a test to see how gifted he was, it is very possible that he would score at the highest level and most likely have a IQ of at least 170. In simple terms, your son is a very special young man.


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