Chelsea Reject creates a one-of-kind sound that fans love

Chelsea Alexander,  also known as Chelsea Reject, is a musical artist based in Brooklyn, and has caught my attention with her solo album, CMPLX. Released on May 11, 2015, the album features 16 tracks of Reject’s unique blend of hip hop, soul, and experimental music. It all creates a down to earth, spiritual vibe, not  to mention impressive bars.

So why had I not heard of Chelsea Reject before? She has me absolutely hooked. The Brooklyn based musician describes herself in her Facebook bio as a: “Rapper, or poet of some sort”. Reject has become available on YouTube, Spotify, IHeartRadio, and PlayMusic, also tallying nearly 9000 followers on SoundCloud. With 40 tracks and an album under way, I’m ecstatic to hear what she has for us next. Beyond her new age music, her album art has caught my attention as well. It features a portrait of Reject from the side, with “Metatron’s cube” in the background. Signifying the fruit of life, the design is a part of sacred geometry, a series of sacred meanings for different geometric shapes we see in everyday lives. As for new sound, Reject has it. I anticipate the artist to have more albums and work done in the next few years, as her energy and message has already created a wave for spiritual and indigo artists similar to herself.

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