AHS 6 keeps audiences glued to their TVs

Sometimes I think this season of American Horror Story should change its name from Roanoke to “MAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT.” Besides that obvious fact, once again AHS hit fans with another exciting, informative episode. Picking up right after quite a pickle in the last episode, we go further into this season’s mythology.

The episode picks up with Matt and Shelby feuding over Matt’s “expose” on Lady Gaga’s backside. Matt has no memory of the event, and they move on. Not long after, Shelby goes for a soak just to find a man wearing a pig’s head in her shower. Dr. Elias, who was believed to be deceased, makes an appearance in the house to save Matt and Shelby by chanting “Croatoan.”

Through Dr. Elias, the couple gets concrete proof that they will die in the house if they don’t flee. We find out that their death will be due to a special lunar cycle that happens every October: The Dying Grass Moon. During this time, the moon progresses to a blood moon and the land becomes a bloodbath for six days. This shows how evil our villains are this year. Past seasons, Murder House and Hotel showed that on Halloween the dead can roam free. Matt and Shelby have a lot to worry about.

The crazy part about the moon cycle is that the rules apply at all hours of the day. We see this when Matt, Shelby and Dr. Elias find Flora in the woods surrounded by various ghosts. In a turn of events, Dr. Elias is shot with arrows and dies not long after. In AHS tradition, he’s obviously going to come back as a ghost. At least Flora came home finally, right?

Cricket, the lovable bowl-cut witch makes a return this episode. He gives us the backstory on Lady Gaga’s witch, Scathach. Cricket offered Matt to the seductress as a way to find out more information. We find that the colony of Roanoke turned on Bate’s Butcher because they were sick of human sacrifices in exchange for food: can you blame them? They say Scathach has turned their colony unholy. The Butcher is obviously not meant to be messed with, and poisons fruit so she can slaughter the town as a sacrifice to Scathach’s gods to remain on the land forever.

To set off the ultimate knot of problems, as Cricket leaves in his Uber to grab some items from his hotel, they nearly hit Flora. Thus, also gave the highlight of the episode, “Gay for pay.” Not long after, Matt awakes and walks to Dr. Elias’ cellar. There he finds Scathach and he learns her entire story. Scathach lets him into her soul, and he sees that back in England, she stowed away on a ship to the New World — and that’s where she was discovered and nearly killed before she killed each and every sailor instead. From there, she went into the forest and she garnered strength from human sacrifice. Ancient gods are crazy.

The episode ends with Shelby watching The Butcher and her colony arrive with Flora. Matt breaks off his smash session with Scathach who appears saddened. Maybe Gaga isn’t pure evil.

This season? I’m probably wrong, but I can hope. Flora is freed by Priscilla’s ghost and seeks shelter in the house with Matt and Shelby. In exchange, Cricket is also kidnapped and meets a gruesome end. The Butcher literally rips his intestines out of his chest.

So, this episode really gave us a lot to focus on. It’s obvious Scathach wants Matt; this can’t end well. Matt and Shelby can’t get themselves out of this situation, so who will? The fifth episode should include clarity on all that happened this past week. Here’s to another bloody, good episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

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