Snow Tha Product: Taking charge in a New Era of MC’s

Claudia Alexandra Feliciano, or known as “Snow Tha Product,” is a 29-year- old hip hop artist from San Jose, Calif.. Pursuing her music career at age 19, she now has more than five albums under her belt, a feature on 50 cent’s site, a contract with Atlantic Records and a review from Adam Bernard of that sums her potential up perfectly: “(Snow) may very well be one of the leaders of…a bold new era of female MC’s.”

After her parents moved to the U.S from Mexico, she started to connect with music at the age of 6 appearing in school talent shows and performing in her grandfather’s mariachi band. Feliciano started out freestyling with friends, and after attending college for social work and realizing her potential as an artist, she hit the ground running. Originating from a nickname given to her by  friends, Feliciano claimed the stage name “Snow White” and later added in “Tha Product”. Recording several songs in Spanish before she collaborated with the artist Jaime Kohen, she next dropped her first mixtape Unorthodox in 2011, and has since followed it with five more.

One of her first major waves of attention came from her single “Holy Sh*t,” 90 seconds full of pure bars. Receiving well deserved buzz after the feature on, the track addresses her issues with being categorized as a female artist, her ethnicity, and the music industry, while hitting far more bars than your average rapper. You can find her on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

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