A Short Story: A Boy and His Dog Part III

It seems that everything is going well for Charles and his family. Their Dad is ordering pizza for everyone. It all seems like a normal day until the phone rings.

Charles’s dad, Richard, picks up the phone and on the other end is the school principal, Dr. Green. Dr. Green asks if him and his wife could have a meeting concerning Charles’s academics. Richard replies saying that they would be happy to.

Richard and his wife, Sam, walk into a conference room where Dr. Green, the guidance counselor and a couple of Charles’s teachers are sitting. Richard and Sam sit at the head of the table.

Dr. Green says, “Mr. and Mrs. Douglas, the reason we have called you here today is to talk about Charles’s performance in school. The teachers that have come to this meeting today have voiced their concerns about Charles.” Sam says, “What are those concerns, if I may ask?” Dr. Green turns to look at Charles’s math teacher, Mrs. Reed.

Mrs. Reed explains that over the past few months, she has seen Charles’s math scores go down, as well as his failure to complete homework. She also mentions that she does not believe that this is because he doesn’t want to do the work, but because he doesn’t understand how.

At this point, both of Charles’s parents are very confused and they do not really understand what Dr. Green and Mrs. Reed are getting at.

Richard says, “What are you saying about my son?” After a couple of seconds, Charles’s English teacher, Mr. Donald, says, “We believe that Charles might have some kind of learning disability.”

Dr. Green reiterates that this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just something that needs to be figured out. Sam speaks up and asks where they go from here. Dr. Green states that they would like for Charles to take a test to determine his problems.

Richard and Sam look at each other, then Richard turns to Dr. Green and asks if they could talk to Charles before they make a decision. Dr. Green says, “That is absolutely fine and it is of course up to you in the end, but it is advised that Charles take this test because if he doesn’t it could hurt him in the future.”

Later that night after dinner, Richard and Sam sat down with Charles and told him about the meeting they had at his school.

Much to their relief, Charles does not seem bothered by this information. All he asks is when he going to take this test. Richard replies saying that

“We hadn’t set a date because we weren’t sure if you would want to take the test.” Charles says, “No! I’m happy to take it! Just tell me when.” Richard says that they will call the school and have that set up.

The next week, Charles takes the test. The test isn’t overly-complicated but if the participant had any clear disability, the test would be able to show that.

The test is made up of three parts: A written test, oral test and a visual test. Altogether, this should take someone of average intellect and average ability no more. than three hours to take; Charles took it in an hour and a half.

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