Danny Brown releases unique rap hits that inspire listeners

One of the most unique rappers in history has just released his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition.

Danny Brown is a 35-year-old rap artist born in Detroit, Michigan. Anyone who listens to Brown will immediately realize that he is much different than other rappers, and that’s mostly because of his crazy, high pitched voice. When I first started listening to his music, it took some time getting used to this new, unusual sound. I never would have thought that a voice like his could be put into music. After a while, I started getting used to the different style of rap. It almost sounds like intense poetry.

Other than his odd voice, I noticed how talented he is. Brown uses such a wide variety of words in his music, I couldn’t help but appreciate his gift.

Learning of his new album, I became excited to hear what he had to offer. Atrocity Exhibition features 15 relatively short songs. Once I pressed play, I felt a bit confused. The first song on the album is “Downward Spiral,” and that’s exactly what it sounded like; however, that’s not a bad thing. I did not have a good feeling while listening to this song. It was an interesting feeling, mixed with a bit of disgust and excitement.

This album contains beats that don’t seem to age. I’ve listened to the entire album at least five times now, and it sounds brand new to me every single time. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

The lyrics that Brown yells in his songs are unlike any other. Putting together great lyrics and mysterious beats creates something magical. This album is a great example of that. The sound of Brown shouting rhymes into the microphone may not be enjoyable, but the creativity that is put into his songs should definitely be appreciated.

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