American Horror Story continues to shock audiences everywhere

American Horror Story: Roanoke threw a lot at us this week. From mire pigs to a wtf-what-was-that sex scene, we got to see more of the twisted storytelling that we love to watch.

This episode picks up with the police searching for Flora. While searching for Flora, Matt, Shelby and Lee stumble upon an old farmhouse. Within the house, they find two young boys suckling from a giant pig. Yeah, Ryan Murphy really likes the pig idea this year. Being responsible adults, they get the police to bring the boys in. The craziest part about these inbred kids? They can only say one word: “Croatoan” which was referenced in Murder House. 

To make things even crazier, Lee and Mason get in a huge argument. Mason believes Lee had something to do with Flora’s disappearance. Not long after, he is found burned to death.

This episode introduces a new character named Cricket. He is a medium who resides in New Orleans (Coven connection?). Cricket finds out that Flora is safe and also learns details about Kathy Bate’s character, The Butcher. Cricket also reveals that Lee has a second daughter, Emily, who went missing as well.

Let’s now look at the villains. The Butcher was exiled from her colony by rebels. In the woods, she met Lady Gaga’s character. Hearing the sounds of a boar, The Butcher hoped for a swift death, but Gaga’s witch-like creature kills the beast and frees a metal device from The Butcher’s face. The Butcher pretty much sells her soul to Gaga and eats a pig’s heart. From there, The Butcher returns to the village and goes on a massacre. Here we learn that the village is exactly where Matt and Shelby’s house sits.

After running to the woods to search for Flora again, we see that Matt is missing. Shelby finally locates him only to see him in a forest clearing, wooding Lady Gaga’s witch character, while two hillbillies watch and self-pleasure.

The episode ends with Lee being arrested and Shelby looking pissed. Matt has no memory of his “fun,” but Shelby doesn’t buy it. This last episode really set the bar for this season. Very dark like Asylum, but also erotic like Hotel. Roanoke is taking feelings and senses from past seasons and using them to its advantage. Hopefully next week’s episode is just as crazy as this one

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