University Foundation raises funds

CLARION, Pa.- The Clarion University Student Senate’s most recent meeting of the fall semester was the scene of important updates including the University Foundation’s news that they are halfway to the goal of $15 million for a new alumni-powered campaign.

It was announced that the University Foundation and Alumni Association were trying to  raise $15 million for a campaign to benefit students. Of that amount, $5 million apiece will go into Tippin renovations, scholarships, and athletics/activities. They currently already have $8 million and will ask the public for donations next year for Clarion University’s 150th birthday.

Director of Leadership and Involvement Shawn Hoke kick-started the meeting by promoting the Autumn Leaf Festival Cultural Series events that have taken place at 7 p.m. throughout this past week outside of the courthouse. The final act, Chinese acrobats, will be performing Sept. 29.

“I hope that everyone has fun at Autumn Leaf Festival and makes safe, smart, decisions,” Hoke said.

Student Association Manager Shelly Wilson promoted the special bookstore sale that will take place at Farmers’ and Crafters’ Day Sept. 30. The bookstore will be selling Clarion sweatshirts at a special price of $21.99 at their stand in the alumni section located in the Hart Chapel parking lot.

After the advisers’ report, Senate President Devon Vallies announced a possibility of a pie-in-the-face event taking place Oct. 20. The event would raise money for breast cancer awareness. Students are encouraged to think of faculty members to nominate to be pied.

Staying on the topic of the university’s birthday, it was also mentioned how a dig was being planned on campus. In order to find out more about the history of Clarion, students will be able to work along archeologists and see what they can find.

This year, the senate approved  funding $1,560 in travel expenses for the Clarion University cheerleading team for away games.. Last year, the team did a supplemental request, but it was denied.

The Student Senate is also currently in search of two more senators. Anyone interested in getting a position on the senate can contact any current senator or send an email to From there, the executive board will reach out to set up meeting times and review open positions.

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