A Student’s Short Story Series: The Boy and His Dogs, Part II

Last week, a story began about a boy and his dogs. This is the story of Charles, a young boy, and his dogs, George and Lincoln. They are 4 and 2-years-old German Shepherds. George is sable and Lincoln is black. 

Charles lives with his parents, two younger sisters, three older brothers and of course Lincoln and George. You see that Charles has a great relationship with his dogs, but perhaps that is not necessarily best as you will now see. 

Now, Charles was never the best student. I mean he never failed, but he certainly didn’t excel like his brothers did. He was an average student at best.

Then came the day that Lincoln and George came to live with him and his family. Lincoln and George came to him at the same time.

Lincoln was about 2 and a half years-old and George was about 6 months old. The lady that originally had them found that she could not handle them.

So, through a mutual friend, Charles’ dad found out about them and decided to take them. There had not been any pets in Charles’ house since before he was born.

As it was, he really wasn’t even that interested at first, it was his sisters that were the most excited about this. Of course in the end they paid the least amount of attention to the dogs.

Now, Charles was not interested in the dogs much at first. However, that would soon change as he would start to play with them and little by little became the best of friends.

Athough his parents didn’t pay much attention to this, they were quite happy that George was finally doing something and enjoying himself.

That is until now. We transition back to present time, where George is playing with Lincoln and his two older brothers are upstairs.

Mom is still at work for several more hours, Charles’ sisters will not be done with school for a little while yet, but Dad is coming home right now.

Richard opens the door and the first thing he says is, “I’m home!!” Of course he never gets a response but he has learned by now that he isn’t going to get one. But he still does just so everybody will know that he is home.

The first thing that he does is walk into the kitchen. He does this everyday because there are usually instructions or something left on the fridge for him.

There are usually either tell what is made for dinner or what has been left for him to make. If there are no instructions left on the fridge then he knows to order something.

Today, when he looks at the fridge he sees that there is nothing left for him on the fridge. So he then yells, “Hey! What do you guys want? Pizza or Chinese?” Now, with this he knows that if he gets silence, that means pizza.

He waits for a couple of seconds and after hearing absolute silence he picks up the phone and orders two extra-large pizzas with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and green peppers.

He then goes to the fridge, grabs a soda and sits down and watches TV. This seems to be a pretty normal day, until he the phone rings. Richard picks up the phone and says, “Hello?”

A voice from the other end says, “Hello, Mr. Douglass?” Richard replies, “Yes?” Then the voice says, “Oh! Well, I am Dr. Green. I’m the principal at Charles’ school.”

Richard says, “Okay. What seems to be the problem?” Dr. Green then explains that the reason he is calling is regarding Charles’ performance at school. He goes on to explain that in many of Charles’ classes he has stopped doing his homework and has done poorly on several of his tests.

In fact, he is now failing two classes and if things don’t change soon that Charles might have to repeat the grade.

Richard had a very hard time believing this. He knew that Charles had never been the best student, but failing classes is very unusual. Richard then asked if there was anything he could do.

Dr. Green suggested that before he talks to Charles about it, that he would like to meet with Richard, his wife and a few of Charles’ teachers.

Richard says that him and his wife would be happy to do that. Dr. Green responds with “What time is good for you?”

To be continued…

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