Real talk: Where are all the tampons?

Let’s just get comfortable with one another right now, because this article is about to get very personal. The fact that I have easier access to condoms than tampons is the most ridiculous things I’ve ever experienced in my six or so years of menstruation.

If I’m walking on campus and suddenly need a tampon, but don’t have anything with me, unless one of my friends happens to have something, I’m up the creek without a paddle.

When was the last time you were walking around campus and thought to yourself, “Gosh, I really wish I had a condom right now?”

Don’t worry, go to most health centers and they just have a basket of them sitting there ready for the taking.

Meanwhile, in a girl’s world, if we go to the bathroom and are lucky enough to find a dispenser, if it’s not empty, we have to pay for the “privilege” of preventing the unstoppable bleeding from ruining my pants and every chair I sit in.

I get that condoms are very important to our health, they prevent STDs and they play an important role in not getting pregnant at 20-years-old, but tampons are pretty important too.

Do people truly think that I choose to bleed uncontrollably for a week every month? Did you know that, on average, a woman loses two ounces of blood per cycle?

The fact is, most people choose to have sex, no woman chooses to have a period. It’s forced on us and we should have easy, emergency access to tampons. It’s 2016 people, we’ve already made great strides for women by making birth control more accessible, why not tampons?

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