Mac Miller comes back with fourth album, The Divine Feminine

American rapper Mac Miller recently added a fourth album to his collection, The Divine Feminine, released on Sept.16, 2016. This album is giving the industry a well needed dose of love.  Appearing on Power 106 in Los Angeles on Sept. 15, he talked about the album, his love life and the creative process and how it has differed from his other work.  After a show in London, Mac came to understand the lack of female presence at his shows and decided to start working on a new project. The masterpiece, The Divine Feminine, features Kendrick Lamar, Cee-Lo Green, Ty Dolla $ign, Anderson. Paak, Njomza and Bilal. The album includes his grandmother’s story of her and her husband’s love and marriage, and a central message of the most real thing humans have – love.

While talking on Power 106, Mac discussed how the album is risky, putting out songs that he has only done in private before. Understanding forthcoming hate on the album for its more meaningful substance, Mac explained what he wanted his fans to get out of it. “I think I want them to appreciate love, in all forms of the word love, like how complex and important a feeling like that is in the world”.

He started to create The Divine Feminine after a London show for his last album, “GO:OD AM”, after seeing how many more males were present then females. Mac said on the air, “I want to speak to everyone, I haven’t been talking about love.” He accomplished that in The Divine Feminine. The album takes the listener on a journey through meaningful lyrics, a piece of Mac’s personal love life. Also, an opening and closing audio of his grandmother telling the listener about her and her husband’s love affair, and how wonderful  it is to understand love and be in it.

Taking his mindset and letting the work come through him naturally, unlike his last album  approaches, Mac has succeeded with his masterpiece, sending us a message we need to absorb. Posting on Instagram on Sept. 20 of a positive reaction video to his work, he captioned it “listen to the album. Have an experience”. Everyone could use a sit down and listen through of The Divine Feminine, and give his message a chance. We all need more love in our every day lives.

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