Isaiah Rashad realeses debut album, The Sun’s Tirade

Isaiah Rashad has just released his debut studio album The Sun’s Tirade on Sept. 2.

Isaiah Rashad was born on May 16, 1991 in Chattanooga, TN. He had released his first album, Cilvia Demo, on Jan. 28, 2014. After Listening to that album, I simply could not wait for what would come next. It contained much more emotion than I would have expected from his style of rap. He shows that he really isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Unlike many popular rappers today, he doesn’t rap for fame, he raps to express. That is the kind of rap worth listening to. That is one of the reasons why he is becoming so successful.

Rashad has finally released his second album, and he certainly did not let anyone down. It has been two long years since he released any new material, and he makes that clear in this album. He delivers the same amount of honesty and openness as he did with his previous music. This album holds 17 tracks, and contains beats that sound like no other. I couldn’t resist nodding my head to the rhythm of his songs. Aside from the righteous beats, his songs contain lyrics that don’t come from a rapper, but from a human being. Yes, his lyrics are vulgar. That is to be expected from any rapper. However, his words have meaning. With lyrics like, “I can admit I’ve been depressed/ I hit a wall/ ouch,” from the song “Dressed Like Rappers,” you can’t help but wonder what this man has been going through.

While listening to the lyrics in his songs, I’ve been able to figure out why he needs to express himself through his music. His lyrics are a prime example that shows that we all go through tough times in our lives, and we’re all human. Nobody is perfect. Sure, there are a bunch of rap artists who rap about their lives and feelings, but nobody does it like Isaiah Rashad.

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