Graphic Design student Sierra Nicholes discusses her art evolution

Sierra Nicholes is a 19-year-old sophomore Graphic Design major here at Clarion University.

Nicholes has known for quite some time that she has wanted to go into graphic design. She has always had a love for art and computers so, “the decision was relatively easy.” Nicholes always knew she wanted to go to a state school but when she visited Clarion the deal was sealed. She recalls, “All the people, from the professors and faculty to the students, we’re so much more welcoming compared to any other school I visited.”

In today’s world a lot of people discourage students to pursue degrees in the fine arts. Obviously Nicholes thinks this is absolutely ridiculous. Nicholes added, “I think that in today’s world, there are enough ways to make money with an art degree that it doesn’t make sense to discourage people from art majors for reasons like that.” She is an avid believer of following your passions regardless of the odds. Nicholes believes, “it is more important to encourage art majors to find opportunities rather than tell them to do something else.” According to her being an art major isn’t any different than any other major. “You need to make connections and find opportunities to get the best jobs” she concluded.

After graduation Nicholes initially wants to be a web designer or a video game designer. However she is considering getting her Master of Fine Arts. As far as the evolution of her art Nicholes commented, “I always drew people. I find them fascinating to draw. In high school I really focused on drawing faces in different ways. Now, my art has gotten a little more abstract, but I still use people as inspiration”

It’s clear Nicholes has a bright future ahead of her and art will continue to be a huge part of that.

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