Graphic Design student Beth Renaud shares about her passion

Beth Renaud is a sophomore graphic design major, and she sees nothing but potential for greatness in her future as an artist.

Even as a child, she loved drawing and painting and would do art activities with her mother. As she began to get older, she would do art on her own or with her friends.  Throughout elementary, middle and high school, she found her love for experimenting in art, graduating from just drawing and painting to things like photography and photo editing.  “I tried to take all of the art classes I could fit into my schedule,” she said.

Her love for art was not contained to her school, however.  She worked at an art gallery for three years and taught art classes for children.  She thoroughly enjoyed this work, and feels that instilling a love of art in children is extremely important.

When choosing her major, the idea of not doing something with art did not even occur to her.  “I wanted to be able to share my art in a way that would benefit other people along the way,” she said, so she chose graphic design.  “I thought graphic arts would be a great way to share my passion and help others promote their business,” Renaud explained.  If the picking of her major was easier, choosing a college was even easier.  She immediately felt right at home in Clarion, and felt that the small campus and class sizes would allow her to have a more personalized experience, saying “[the campus] makes it very easy to receive peer and professor feedback on my art.”

After graduation, she plans to work as an independent graphic designer, creating products for specific clients.  “Choosing Clarion has been one of the best choices I have ever made and I love my major,” added Renaud.  To future art students, she says, “If someone tries to convince you to change your mind about majoring in art related fields, do it anyway.”  Making art is an extremely important part of her life, and she does not plan on stopping any time soon.

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