Communication, political science grad discovers new kinds of marketing

While the Department of Communication at Clarion University does an excellent job preparing its students for life after graduation, this doesn’t excuse the feeling of anxiety and apprehension as a former college senior once again becomes a small fish in the big pond of the professional world.

May 2016 graduate, Laurel Pierotti, knows this exact feeling. A strategic communication major with a minor in political science, Pierotti seemed to have had her hand in just about every cookie jar on campus during her time spent at Clarion.

A member of the Debate Team, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, PRSSA and Circle K, Pierotti didn’t waste any time jumping into experiential activities to better prepare herself for the real world.

It definitely paid off. She now works for SAP Ariba, a marketplace that allows buyers and suppliers to find each other and do business within a single, networked platform, ultimately making it easier for businesses to market themselves and achieve their goals.

“We provide web-based solutions that help businesses buy and sell products, as well as find new business opportunities,” says Pierotti.

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, she holds the position of Procurement Operations Specialist, essentially acting as a customer service representative to help businesses use Ariba’s web based solutions for businesses.

“My favorite part of my job is knowing that I help improve businesses on a daily basis by helping them find new business opportunities and helping them effectively buy and sell products. I also love working for a company that is all about employee advancement. Right from my interview it was made clear to me that SAP Ariba made its employees a priority, and that I would be able to advance quickly,” says Pierotti.

Although she’s enjoying her new life in Pittsburgh, Pierotti often reflects back on her fond memories spent at Clarion and credits her widespread involvement in activities for her preparedness for the professional world.

“I would not have this position if it weren’t for my organizations. All of the organizations I was a part of provided me with the experience I needed to answer interview questions. My organizations also provided me with skills beyond the classroom that I use every day in my position,” says Pierotti.

Every so often you can still find Pierotti in Clarion’s popular hang-out spots, visitng friends and keeping in touch.

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