Summer Music Wrap Up

It is already halfway through September. The next few weeks may be the last of this beautiful hot summer we all enjoyed.  With the gorgeous weather came new music for relaxing.  Even though autumn marches toward Clarion, new music still is being released. Music streaming outlets deliver singles from artists every week.

Listening suggestions include the newest single ”Fade” from Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo. With recently showing the world the music video featuring artist Teyanna Taylor and her sweaty workout moves, Kanye’s song is bound to hit the charts at any moment.  Old throwback vibes come back while listening to the catchy tune.  Ty-Dolla Sign and Post Malone eachdevote their voices to a verse that makes you want to workout.

Pop sensation Shawn Mendes delivers better than ever with all the new singles he’s releasing for his upcoming sophomore album Illuminate.  A new song that stands out the most is “Ruin,” where Mendes sings about an old flame he tried to serenade with love and passion. Fans of Mendes can agree that is may be the one of the best songs he has ever created. He sure knows how to enchant the world with this intimate ballad. When Mendes chants for you to listen, you listen! The basic motto is that being selfless is keen to finding real love, something I think everyone can agree on.

Summer of 2016 has been the season of Ariana Grande, and just when she soars through the charts with her new single “Side by Side”, she delivers even more music. The pop princess helped new boyfriend Mac Miller on a collaboration for his upcoming album The Divine Feminine. The duet is called “My Favorite Part”. Miller, who isn’t known for having singles constantly in the Top-50 chart, deserves a spot with this new soulful single.  Within the first 10 seconds, you instantly feel a bit of nostalgia thinking of old songs from early 2000s. Miller, whose vocals aren’t strong, collided and sparkled along with Ariana’s heavenly voice.

If you wany a song about keeping your head up and also honoring an event, your best bet that Sia is the perfect person to do so.  The singer/songwriter has had a successful year with her newest album This is Acting, came out with a new single called “The Greatest.” Sia also released a music video to the song paying homage to the horrifying shooting in Orlando. The funky tropical jam is about the people who face fearful events in life and prove standing up to darkness is possible.  Never let fear take over your life.  Sia is one of many public figures to stand with the LGBT community with a fist full of strength and heart full of love.


The final song of the week is an upcoming chart smasher called “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld and DJ superstar Zedd.  Steinfeld, known for her movie roles, has been having a successful year transitioning into music after winning hearts in 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2 and popular single “Love Myself.”  Zedd, a great producer and collaborator to get a new artist out and in the open, works perfectly with Steinfeld.  This single is bound to be a favorite in many eyes with its sexy lyrics and stellar Electronic Dance Music beats.  It’s so addictive and catchy that you will know the words after listening a few times!

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