Short Story Series: The Boy and His Dogs

Part I:

There once was a little boy that lived in a small town. He lived with his mom, dad, two younger sisters, three older brothers and two dogs. His dad was an engineer, his mother was a nurse. His youngest sister was in third grade and she rather enjoyed school. His other sister was in sixth grade and was very athletic. Even for as young as she was, she enjoyed playing volleyball, softball and soccer. It was well known that she could go on to have a career in anyone of these sports.

As for his brothers, his eldest brother was a freshman in college. He was attending Penn State to become a mechanical engineer, trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. His other two brothers are twins and juniors in high school. They are known for being the class clowns; ironically they are also at the top of their class. Then there is little Charles. Charles is in ninth grade but he is not athletic nor does he seem to be very interested in school for that matter. He does love his two dogs, Lincoln and George. Lincoln is a 4-year-old black German Shepard and George is a 2-year-old sable German Shepard; Lincoln and George are half-brothers. The rest of the family is usual too busy to take care of them so Charles is usually the one that does it. Charles cannot wait to get home and see his two buddies. Every day when he comes home the first thing that he does is call for them. They are usually being lazy in the living room. Charles will call, “Lincoln! George!” and the dogs will come running. If they don’t that usually means that either Charles’s mom or dad let them outside. Then all Charles has to do is open the back door and call them from there. Though this seems to be all that Charles ever wants to do. He has no real friends; he never hangs out or does anything else except play with his two dogs. At first nobody noticed but that would soon change.

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