Logic Releases Unexpected Summer Mixtape “Bobby Tarantino”

Coming from Maryland, Logic is an up-and-coming rap artist who has gained a lot of respect from many people, especially after freestyling and solving a Rubik’s Cube simultaneously. Unlike many other rappers, Logic often displays his love for video games and movies, hence the name for his new album Bobby Tarantino and the song “Super Mario World”.

Logic released his first mixtape Young, Broke, and Infamous in 2010. Three years later, Logic signed to Def Jam Recordings. His Debut album Under Pressure was released in 2014, and shortly after that, he released his concept album The Incredible True Story in 2015. Since then, Logic left all of his fans craving for more of his music. So to keep us occupied, he unexpectedly released his new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino, on July 1 of this year.

This new mixtape contains 11 tracks, most of which have a slightly different feel than the tracks from his previous albums. When I listened to the songs “Flexicution” and “Wrist”, I could easily tell that he chose to switch things up a bit. He chose to show off a catchy style of rap with choruses and beats that will probably be stuck in your head. However, the lyricism for these songs do not compare to those in his other albums, but that isn’t enough to prevent anybody from enjoying this album.

The beats that this album contains are unique. I think that’s what makes it so special. In the song “Super Mario World,” the beat contains sounds that make the listeners feel as though they’re listening to a song from a video game. “Deeper Than Money,” the last song in the album, almost sounds like something we’d hear in a Kendrick Lamar album. This change of style really shows how diverse his music can be.

While I enjoy all the songs in this album, my favorite part of it has to be “Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu.” It’s not really a song, but in this track, we hear a large group of people talking among themselves while a sample of a never before heard song by Logic plays in the background, and this sample sounds really good. At the end of this 56-second track, Logic comes in the room telling the group of people that they can’t be listening to it because it’s part of the next album. Obviously, Logic included this to tease his fans and get us excited for his next album.

After surprising his fans with this new mixtape, Logic said that there will be no album this year. It’s difficult to tell whether he is serious or not. He might just surprise us once more.

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