Football Drops Game at Bloomsburg

Last week, everything seemed to be going Clarion’s way on the gridiron.

This week saw a different story.

The Clarion Golden Eagles dropped a road game to Bloomsburg, final score 35-20.

Bloomsburg took the only points in the first quarter, a 38-yard passing touchdown. Clarion would come back in the second when Connor Simmons put the Golden Eagles on the board with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Matt Lehman.

Unfortunately, Phil Esposito’s extra point was blocked, and the score sat at 7-6.

Later in the second, Delrece Williams broke out a 10-yard run to find the end zone. Esposito’s kick went untouched this time; the ball sailed through the uprights to make it 13-7.

That turned out to be Clarion’s only lead of the game.

Bloomsburg used most of the remaining time in the first half on a 13-play drive that ended with a 1-yard rushing touchdown to make it 14-13, capping off the second quarter.

Bloomsburg scored two more rushing touchdowns in the third quarter. Clarion’s final scoring drive came during the closing seconds of the third as Kevin Genevro hauled in a pass from Simmons on a 34-yard play for a Golden Eagle touchdown to make it 28-20.

The final score of the game came in the fourth quarter when Bloomsburg recovered a fumble and took it 37 yards to the house to post a 35-20 score in favor of the Huskies.

A loss is never a good outcome, but some good can come out of it. As sophomore Tyrone Archie put it, “We are taking it as an early season lesson and learning from it. We are correcting our mistakes and improving as a whole.”
One could also assume that this loss relieves some of the pressure off of the football team. With last season’s fast pace start, everyone was wondering if they could get that elusive perfect season. As last year progressed, all eyes were on Clarion, and it could be imagined for 2016 that attention could lead to significant pressure. Was there any pressure on the team to see if the group could repeat that success? Archie noted this is a new season and a new game. “There wasn’t any pressure to begin with. We are a good team, and we play like we are a good team. Being perfect doesn’t bring pressure it, makes the game that much more fun. We play for every game as we do the last one.”


Clarion looks to shake off this game, and take those lessons they learned into practice this week. They travel to Shippensburg University this Saturday to try and get back to winning ways. In Archie’s words, that achievement comes by being, “The good Clarion team that we are, and play our game the way we plan.”

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