Chip readers: annoyance or convenience?

The chips in credit cards is the stupidest, most annoying thing I have ever experienced.

I work at a grocery store that doesn’t take the chip reader, and having to listen to every other customer ask me if we take the chip was awful. It got even worse when my store got the little cards to stick in the slot that say “please swipe card.”

Despite the presence of this card, I still get asked, or some people choose to forego asking and just stick their card in the slot without even looking at or thinking about the object meant to obstruct the chip reader. I even once had someone take our card out to put their card in.

Moving on to why the chip is dumb: It takes too long.

No one wants to stand at the register for 15 seconds while they wait for their card to even be picked up by the register.

Another comment on the stupidity of the chip is that, no matter where you go, it’s a crapshoot on whether or not one needs to “swipe” or “insert” their card.

We need to make it so that everyone is doing it one way, or the other way so that there is no question as to what we are supposed to be doing.

After the string of stored that got hacked and credit card information was stolen, I understand the “need” for the chip is for security purposes; I just still can’t get behind this movement for one reason.

The hackers that want your credit card information know how to get it, with or without the chip.

There are people think that the chip is added security and will protect them from identity theft; on the other hand, there are also people who share my opinion and think that it is pointless.

In my experience, for the most part, the same type of people fall into each category: the latter being the younger generation (i.e. millennials and younger), while the former consists of people in the older generations (i.e. generation x and baby boomers).

I feel like the older generation underestimates just what hackers can do because of how starkly different technology is today, as opposed to when they were kids.

The long and short if it, is that chip readers take longer, they aren’t as effective as they are supposed to be, and they are flat out stupid.





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