Artist Spotlight: Samuel Atwell

Samuel Fredrick Atwell, a senior bachelor of fine arts major with a minor in technical theatre, has big plans for his life as an artist.

Ever since he was a child, he has been involved with music and theatre.  Although his mother involved him in many kinds of activities, he always felt most drawn to things like children’s choir and musicals.  “I just kind of fell into it,” he said, “It all came about naturally.” He fell so in love with performing that he decided to pursue it as a career, and found his way to Clarion University.  “Clarion is a weird place,” he says fondly.  He immediately found his place at the school and in the theatre department, saying, “I’ve never felt more at home.”

He refers to the group of students and faculty as a tight-knit and close family that would do anything for each other.  One thing he remembers being told about Clarion is something that he feels has held true his entire college experience: “You are going to get out of this university what you put into it.”  That being the case, he has more than taken advantage of the opportunities being offered in the department.  “Every single show I’ve been in has been a blast,” he says.  Picking a favorite experience proved to be very difficult, but eventually he was able to choose.  He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Dance Concert that took place last year. “[Amor Fati] was quite an experience.”

Every part of his career as a Clarion University theatre student has pushed him to try even more new things, having added his technical theatre minor recently.  He was also able to be the costume designer for the musicals that the department staged this past summer.

Although being involved in a major that involves the arts can be difficult at times, Atwell does not let that stop him.  “When it’s something you enjoy and something you’re dedicated to, you can work through any hard times that come your way,” he says.  He’s very excited for the future, and hopes to someday write a television show.  His ultimate goal, however, is to just “continue to make art.”  Art can inspire people, and Atwell hopes to continue to do that long after he graduates college.

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