Politics vs. the Internet: Opinion overpowers fact

The internet is an extremely helpful tool that exposes us to a wide variety of viewpoints, stories, facts, current events, art and just about anything else you can think of.

It is a huge place for journalism and politics. It is ripe with a diverse set of perspectives ranging wildly across the spectrum, from staunch liberal progressives to far right conservative tea party members.

People’s opinions on the internet are about as varied as the amount of websites out there, but look what happens when you seclude yourself in an echo-chamber where you only entertain the opinions of those you agree with or at most tolerate.

We’re all perpetrators of the internet political clique problem, I’ve deleted numerous friends off of Facebook whose political opinions I disagreed with or who frustrated me. No one wants to fight with people they barely know on the internet about politics, but when you’re exposed to viewpoints that you disagree with on a deep level, it’s hard not to type out an angry comment or remove a friend.

It’s important to entertain the opinions of others and allow yourself to be exposed to a variety of perspectives.

Whether you follow a variety of different news sources from multiple perspectives with a truly neutral source, like C-SPAN or the PBS News Hour, who provide the facts minus the talking heads that other channels present.

Networks like CNN, MSNBC and FOX news provide news along with pundits who analyze and provide different perspectives on current events, especially in relation to politics. CNN gives multiple different perspectives from both liberal and conservative pundits who provide analysis and speak with one another, MSNBC gives perspective from the liberal side, and FOX news provides a conservative viewpoint.

Other than TV sources, there are numerous online publications that provide different perspectives on political events from POLITICO, who provide an insider’s perspective on the political scene, to the Washington Post who provide a liberal perspective, and Breitbart news who provide a conservative viewpoint on political news.

It’s extremely important to keep a diverse perspective on the world in relation to politics, especially with different news sources.

Feel free to delete your friends who bother you with political posts on Facebook, but ensure that the news sources you follow and read are from diverse perspectives.

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