Opinion: Trying to stay afloat

This summer, Rio was home to the Olympics.

There was a plethora of unique events happening.From Michael Phelps hitting gold for the unprecedented 23rd time to Usain Bolt taking care of business in the races like no one has ever seen before, none were as talked about, or unnerving, as the American swimmers’ scandals.

For those that don’t know, Ryan Lochte and some teammates are in some hot water after making up claims that they were robbed at gun point and a laundry list of other issues.

The claims the swimmers made ended up being all lies, crafted as neatly a four-year-old’s wrapping job for Mother’s Day gifts.

So many questions are  around this incident, that it can be a bit overwhelming.

In fact, there are so many questions, that the only thing people know for sure is that they were lying about the robbing to save their own skin because they were really just drunk people doing drunk things.

There a lot of things that are wrong with this scenario, but one question always stands out above them all: is it worth the time?

There are a lot of issues going around the world at the moment, and people are obsessing over a drunken mistake and whether a QB is an un-American jerk for sitting while the national anthem is playing.

Has sports really dominated life that much?

Why do news outlets and people give this stuff attention?

People are more than entitled to express an opinion on such events, but to linger on these problems while there are more pressing matters to deal with is insane.

Who is going to run this country?

We are facing one of the most unpredictable elections this country has ever gone into, and yet we are focused on athletes who are lying or stating their opinions.

Is all this just a major distraction from the real issues?

Is the world just a bunch of college students who are so swamped with work that we are looking for anything to get out of the work?

Time and time again something like this comes up, and time and time again the same cycle happens.

How hard is it for people to focus on something more relevant than scandals and gossip?

Maybe someday people can put aside the distractions and focus on a major chore at hand.

The people of this nation need to be reinforced with this type of news on a fixed schedule where at least 3 tasks need to be completed before they can began to reinforce their behavior.

The world is not my classroom, sadly, and people will continue to get caught up in these unnecessary obstacles.

Time will tell how long people still make these “issues” just that, and time will tell when we can grow up and move on.

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