Athlete of the Week: From Chicago to Clarion’s Pitch

Veronika Noyszewska is a sophomore here at Clarion University.

She is beginning her second season on the Clarion women’s soccer team as a midfielder.

Growing up in Chicago, Noyszewska has always had a passion for soccer.

“I started playing at 5 or 6-years-old with the community rec league” she said.

Her parents sparked her interested in the sport, since they also played soccer when they were younger.

One of the many reasons that she has a passion for soccer is because it takes her mind off of things and relieves stress.

This is something that we can all relate to.

We all have that one activity that we do to relieve stress and replenish our mind and body.

For Noyszewska, it’s soccer.

She came to Clarion pursuing a major in biology, but switched to rehabilitative science with a concentration in occupational therapy.

“I chose it because I hope to make significant differences in people’s lives,” said Noyszewska.

A huge adjustment for a majority of students going to college is finding time to do things that are actually enjoyable.

School work can take up a lot of our time, to the point where we simply do not have enough time to do anything else.

When asked how she balances school work and soccer, Noyszewska stated, “I have to have a really good work ethic, and I have to plan out my days, like when I’m going to do one thing and when I’m doing another, have a good time frame for everything.”

It’s as simple as that.

She stays focused both on and off the field, getting the job done.

It takes practice to have a mindset like that.

Other than soccer, Noyszewska enjoys doing some other interesting activities, too.

Her hobbies include playing the piano and paddle boarding.

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was about 7-years-old, and I like to paddle board up North at my lake house in Wisconsin and along the Chicago River whenever I get a chance to,” said Noyszewska.

Now for somebody who has played soccer for pretty much their entire life, there has to be motivation in them to keep them going.

“My overall motivation is my dad, because he play D1 hockey and he was supposed to go pro, but then he broke like everything in both of his knees and he wasn’t able to.”

Noyszewska hopes to improve her endurance so that she can stay fresh on the field longer.

It’s quite rare to come by someone as interesting and motivated as Veronika Noyszewska.

It’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her.

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