UAB Art Show

Clarion’s University Activities Board (UAB) hosted an art show in the Gemmell Rotunda on April 13. Twenty-seven pieces of various media by Clarion University students were displayed.  This show was open to the public and light refreshments were provided by the UAB.

Artwork ranged from small pastels to large paintings in bold colors.  Some other forms of art present were enhanced photography, painted ceramics, water color, ink and pencil drawings.  Most paintings were created on canvases, but some work was displayed on small sheets of heavy paper, and one drawing was still bound in a sketch book.

The pieces varied significantly in subject.  For instance, a vase was painted with Harry Potter characters accompanied by the spell from the book series, “Expecto Patronum.”  There was a large portrait of late rock and roll artist, David Bowie, beside a rendition of Star Wars droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.  Other art pieces showed representations of objects, such as a dream catcher and a baseball glove.  Alternative objects captured by the artists included a duckling, a forest scene, a graveyard and an eye.

One piece of artwork was not originally planned to be on display because of its controversial message.  However, this decision was later remade and the painting set out for viewing.  It was thought to be controversial because it was painted with the text: “If you’re reading this go smoke some weed you deserve it.”

Members of the UAB, headed by UAB Arts Chair, Erica Ciccone, facilitated the showing.  UAB members invited those walking through the Gemmell Complex to come view the art and to vote on their favorite piece. Ciccone was asked by some attendees whether certain pieces were for sale, to which she replied they would have to ask the individual artist.

Sierra Nicholes, Graphic Arts freshman, was one of the few artists present at this event.  Nicholes was the creator of a colorful, digital, geometric submission to the art show. She says that she has been a part of two art shows previously with the VizArtZ Club.  VizArtZ is Clarion University’s Recognized Student Organization of visual artists.  Nicholes’ says her favorite part about these shows is “getting to see all the other interesting art and getting to see what people think of my art.”

The UAB is sponsoring CampusFest 2016 on Friday, April 22 in the Marwick-Boyd auditorium.  The same weekend, it is sponsoring “Little Sibs” activities for younger brothers and sisters and families of Clarion University students.  The following weekend, Friday, April 29, the UAB has invited Spidey, a hypnotist to perform in the Gemmell Food Court from 8-10 p.m.

Ciccone counted that 157 votes were placed by the end of the show.  After the art show had ended, Ciccone announced the three artists with the most votes.  In third place was Alec Sturtz whose piece was a large painting of an outer space scene which also had ocean-like qualities.  Danielle Johnson, painter of the work with the quote concerning weed, came in second place.  Coming in first place was Allison Bertolino, whose painting depicted a very close view of a baseball glove.

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