Students For Life to host pregnancy forum

Clarion University’s Students For Life organization will be hosting a Pregnancy Resource Forum on Wednesday, April 20 at 1 p.m. in the Carlson Library Level A.

Serrin Foster, the president for Feminists for Life of America, will be moderating the event. Twelve panelists will be visiting from different departments of Clarion University, including Health Services, Financial Aid, Residence Life, Academic Affairs and others.

The purpose of the forum is to asses the local and university resources that are available to pregnant and parenting students at Clarion. Serrin will address the resources that are available in the community and the university presently, along with the resources that we could provide to students to help them complete their college education.

Students for Life and the Pregnant and Parenting Resource Initiative teamed up and started planning for this event in the Fall of 2015, with vice president of Students For Life, Kara Sorenson, leading the charge.

Student parents face countless obstacles, some of which include housing, child care, health insurance policies that cover maternity, child support, lost scholarships, lack of knowledge of pregnancy center support, curriculum, class schedule and lack of knowledge of available resources off campus.

However, Students For Life believe that there are also multiple solutions for these current issues among student parents.

Possible solutions could be a babysitting program, distribution of pregnancy center information, revision of the student health insurance policies, setting aside student housing available for mothers, educating students about rights and responsibilities of fathers and telecommuting video taped lecutres.

Feminists For Life will be coming to Clarion University to examine the problem and facilitate the development of practical solutions for women in need.

“This has been a wonderful experience to be a part of, and I hope this forum will pave the way for future students who are pregnant, may become pregnant or already have a family, to complete their education knowing they have the full support and resources backing them up,” said Vice President of Students For Life Kara Sorenson.

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