Opinion: Don’t tarnish what is gold

Once again, I have been proven wrong.NBA color

The Golden State Warriors beat my beloved Chicago Bulls’ record. They set the best regular season record of any NBA team ever by one game.

Its mark, 73 wins and 9 losses, is an incredible accomplishment.

However, when you beat Michael Jordan’s record, who is essentially basketball’s god, some people begin to scream out, “Blasphemy.”

Whose fault is it?

Who’s to blame that one of the most impressive single-season performances has been tarnished by so much hate?

Is it Golden State’s for being too successful?

Is it their deadly shooting guard’s, Stephen Curry, for arrogantly making over 400 three’s this year?

Are all the other teams at fault for getting beat, sometimes absurdly bad?

Is it the fans’ for putting Jordan on such an outrageous pedestal?

Seriously, I was one of the people rooting for the Warriors to fail.

Now, the landscape of basketball has shifted.

It is an opinion now when fans claim the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls  are the best team in NBA history.

They have ruined the recordbooks, and I don’t even care.

What the Warriors accomplished is only half of what makes this milestone so impressive.

This team didn’t just win 73 games; they annihilated some of its opponents by 30 points.

Most of the time, Curry was relaxing on the bench in the fourth quarter, and they still won by double-digits.

During Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, the only way ESPN was going to cover anything basketball related was if something like this happened.

For the most part, Bryant got a similar treatment.

His legacy rivals Jordan’s, and he was hated for it.

The arrogance, locker room issues and legal troubles didn’t help him become less of a villain, but everyone always criticized him for not being No. 23.

He accomplished great things in his career, even passed Jordan for most points ever, and people still say he will never be greater than him.

All throughout this basketball season, the 95-96 Bulls were the topic of conversation, especially since this was 20 seasons since the record was set.

With every victory, it seemed the talk of the Warriors not being as good as the Bulls got louder, to an annoying extent.

Belittle it all you want, they beat the Chicago Bulls and Jordan.

It is time to stop kissing up to the man, and I’m a big fan of his.

Just because he might have been, maybe still is the greatest, that doesn’t mean others’ shine needs to be dimmed for him.

Give Golden State some credit, they did what many, myself included, thought was impossible.

They tamed the Unstop-A-Bulls, and they are just getting started.

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