Editor-in-chief: Turning the last page

I didn’t initially apply for the Editor-In-Chief position for The Clarion Call.  I was going into my junior year of college, already had a part-time job as a night manager at Subway and had another part-time job with Public Safety. I had a lot on my plate. However I loved news, loved investigative reporting and digging under surfaces that were being eroded and destroyed by conflict and change.

I had one year as News Editor under my belt and had become a Jedi-master of the twists, turns and tricks of InDesign. It wasn’t until the day of my interview that the previous Clarion Call advisor approached me and asked if I would be interested in running for EIC: so I ran for the positon and won.

Having the opportunity to be EIC as a “younger” student was probably one of the best decisions I could have made.

This past year has been full of adventures and challenges, both prepared for and unseen. Yet again, I had to transition into a new role and learn the additional responsibilities of being the leader of leaders.

Learning how to exportpage layouts or how to transfer them onto a different server for printing the next day was the least of my worries.

It was now my responsibility to inspire my editors, motivate them to step outside of their comfort zones, try new layouts, and chase harder, more impactful stories. I’d like to say that my team did just that.

It wasn’t easy. Being a full-time student with three part-time jobs is hard enough; add in being a watchdog journalist and monitor of the works of 11 other editors, and I was officially burning the candle at both ends: but I wouldn’t change a thing.

This year, The Call not only served as the No. 1 news source on-campus, but we brought the heat and a punch. We covered topics such as the impact of new housing and off-campus housing, the resignation of the provost, the loss of several university students and news around the community. Next year will be even better.

We tested the waters and saw how many boundaries we could cross without stepping on the toes of the big boss above.

With six new editors joining the team, The Call will be writing to a new beat, getting a new pair of eyes and a new set of minds to design, develop and deliver top-of-the-line news to on-and off-campus readers.

My current team of editors and managers gave 110 percent, coming into the office each production night and working passionately on their pages.

Together they created a piece of work that forever will be saved through the hands of time, something that their family, friends, professors, and even their children can read and share for generations to come. 

Producing The Call isn’t just about gaining the experience or being able to put “editor” on a resume. It is so much more than that. It is being able to affect the opinions and the lives of our readers, to have a say in the public agenda and to influence the choices and actions that our readers make.

We created a microscope in which our readers could look through and see the work and decisions of the community around them, to write and produce content that is not only important but impacting. Producing and leading The Call has not only been a privilege, but an honor.  I am proud of my team and the work we have produced this year and cannot wait for another year of impeccable work.

This year, I believe, we made the call for better news, for harder news, for a wider range of readers. We made the call to impact our readers, to listen to the opinion of our readers.

Next year will be just as great or better, and I personally hope that you, our readers, continue to make the journey with us as we enter into our 103 edition.

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