Clarion International Association excited to take on Brooklyn, NY for tour

Clarion University students with wanderlust get the opportunity to travel to Brooklyn, NY for a two-day trip.

Clarion International Association (CINTA) and Clarion Student Association (CSA) are sponsoring a trip Feb. 22 to Feb. 23.

This opportunity is to provide students the chance to explore a city they’ve never seen with their fellow peers and classmates.

President of CINTA, Malavika Vemulapalli, said, “There is a very big gap between an American student and an international student, as they are not only from a different country, but they are from an entirely different world. An international student has come to the States for the cultural experience about America, because it is the most diverse country. International students need these educational trips to really experience the different cultures of the world.”

The trip builds the bridge for international students studying at Clarion, and students from the United States to get familiar with the international students’ culture.

Although there is a trip to a big city once a year and many students jump at the opportunity to come, there are specific guidelines.

Vemulapalli said, “There is an itinerary that has been created for everyone to follow, and it is mandatory to come to the educational tour of Brooklyn. Another thing that all students need to do is sign a contract, which basically shows all the rules that need to be followed in order for an emergency.”

The biggest factor in this trip is the educational experience. Both organization sponsors press the issue for students to gain the history of Brooklyn, NY and its uniqueness.

Vemulapalli said, “Brooklyn is usually the unseen side of New York. Usually we always think of Manhattan when it comes to New York, but Brooklyn has a very amazing history that contributes to this city.”

Diversity is something that the world thrives on, and CINTA meets the need for students to get involved with diversity.

The international program sponsors a student club that tries to get all the students together and educate them about the different cultures around the world.

For anyone that would like to get involved, email for more information. Elections will be held on April 29. CINTA’s Cultural Night will be on Nov. 4.

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