Oil City elementary students gain university preview

While roaming from class to class this past week, some people may have stopped to take a moment to notice younger looking students walking through the buildings of the university last week.

The Oil City Elementary School sixth graders visited Clarion University Thursday and Friday. This event is held annually and has been going on at Clarion every April since 1998.

The class of 140 students was divided into two groups of 70 students for each tour day at the university.

The sixth graders’ day started with a tour of the campus, giving the youngsters a chance to see what campus life was like.

This tour is similar to the orientation process that is given to incoming freshmen students at Clarion University, and the elementary children gained an idea of how orientation goes at a college.

The next stop was the Science and Technology Center, where they were split again to tour the STC more efficiently. One group got to learn some hands-on science from Dr. Jackie Manno.

The other group was able to see the planetarium accompanied by Dr. Sharon Montgomery, who taught the children about the planetarium. The groups would switch places.

Their next stop was Becker Hall, where one group went to the ground floor and the other group had a press conference with Mr. Michael Hissam.

The visitors on the ground floor met Dr. Lacey Fulton, Dr. Scott Kuehn and Mr. Bill Adams. Dr. Kuehn talked to the children and showed them the radio station, while Dr. Fulton and Mr. Adams escorted them around the TV studio.

Later on in the tour, the children were taken to room 124 in Becker Hall, where they sat down and talked with student athletes about the life here a Clarion.

Student athletes Ewing Moussa, Andre Anthony, Katie Chambers, Darelle Carson, Cameron Grumley, Connor Simmons, Delrika Jones-Carey and Shelby Cougenhour answered any questions that the children had.

Afterwards, they went to Eagle Commons on campus for lunch, which was a great excitement for them, ranking higher than their elementary cafeteria. Following the lunch, the kids went to the bus for their trip back to Oil City.

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