Offseason Kevin Durant speculation: Washington Wizards

This summer’s free agency list is full of talent and depth, but no one compares to the biggest fish in the equation who is Kevin Durant.NBA color

KD, one of this generations greatest shooters and scorers, is set to hit the open market this summer in what will be the most looked at signee since LeBron rejoined Cleveland several years back.

The question many people will ask over the next several months is, where will KD take his talents next season?

This answer to me is simple.

He is heading to the nations capital to play with the Washington Wizards.

There are many reasons to explain why Durant will eventually choose to make D.C. his home again.

Durant is a Washington D.C. native who spent his pre-college years playing in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

This “home sweet home” sentiment will be a strong one for Durant, especially as he has a chance to bring the first title to his town since the Bullets of 1978, and LeBron has already had that success to encourage KD to head home and become a hero in the capital.

Another legitimate reason for Durant to head to the world’s most powerful city is the difference between the Eastern and Western Conference teams and the power that is the West.

While the East is on its way to improvement, it has nothing like the powerhouses of the West that include, the Clippers, Warriors, Spurs and Trail Blazers.

It should appeal to Durant more to head east to avoid these teams come playoff time, and open an easier path to the finals for him and his city, and really only have Cleveland to deal with among the East’s top teams.

The core of players that currently play in Washington should also encourage KD to take his talents to the nations capital.

Starting first with All Star point guard John Wall, KD will be matched with a ball distributor unparalleled in the league when it comes to dishing out assists.

While KD did play with a top tier guard, in Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, Wall is a pass first type of guard who has proven to carry his team, if need be, into the postseason in most seasons, and will have no issue with stepping out of the spotlight and allowing KD to take over the superstar role.

Along with Wall is young elite shooting guard prospect Bradley Beal, who would represent an option to take the scoring load off of Durant from time to time that he never truly had at this position in OKC.

Looking down low, the Wizards have done right to pick up power forward Markieff Morris, assuring Durant that he will not need to play the four on the court in any circumstance, which I believe is a selling point for the former MVP.

Anchoring the paint will be center Marcin Gortat, who will be the Wizards five spot almost every night and should make life easy for KD, and not make him worry about the post area.

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