Offseason Kevin Durant speculation: Golden State Warriors

The NBA regular season has just come to an end, and for 16 franchises, they are getting ready to start the playoffs in pursuit of an NBA Championship.NBA color

The other 14 will look at what offseason moves to make.

One thing is for sure, come July, all 30 NBA squads will be focusing its attention on this year’s class of free agents.

There is one man that is more coveted than the rest, and his name is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant.

Durant has a list of potential suitors, whether it be remaining in Oklahoma City or joining the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards, or the team I consider the favorite to land him, the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors have smashed NBA records, whether it be in winning percentage, wins or becoming the first team ever to go an entire season without back to back losses.

Its dominance has been well documented after winning the title in 2015, and they seemed poised to repeat again this season.

If the Warriors do win its second consecutive championship, what more could Durant want in a team that he knows can not only compete for titles, but has proven success at winning them?

In Durant’s time with the Thunder, they have been hyped year in and year out as one of the most talented teams in the league, but for one reason or another, they have never found the consistency needed to navigate their way to a championship.

The Thunder just doesn’t seem to be a team capable of winning the big games, and at this stage of Durant’s career, he should take a page out of Lebron James’s playbook and pursue opportunities that put him in the best position to win a championship going forward.

The best option for him by far is the Warriors.

The one question that does lurk in regards to him going to the Warriors is, how well would he mesh with the best player in the NBA, point guard Steph Curry?

I believe he is very used to that type of play, since he is accustomed to playing with arguably the second best point guard in the league, Russell Westbrook.

In my opinion, the difference between Curry and Westbrook, besides Curry’s obvious superior skill behind the arc, is that he is a less selfish player and will provide Durant more than enough opportunities on the offensive side of the ball.

Curry is on the verge of getting his second consecutive MVP, and Durant has previously won an MVP back in the 2013-2014 NBA season.

Having these two dynamic players on the same squad, combined with the highly skilled forward Draymond Green and guard Klay Thompson, the Warriors could become a better team, if that sounds possible after its remarkable record this year.

It would be the true embarrassment of riches for Golden State, but if you are Durant, why wouldn’t you sign with the team that provides you the best opportunity to win a championship?

Even though he is a native of Washington D.C., its team pales in comparison of what the Warriors would be with the addition of Kevin Durant, and for that reason, I believe come next fall he will be playing for Golden State.

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