The Lumineers release ‘Cleopatra’

It has been four years since The Lumineers released its debut self-titled album.

After a successful debut, the wait has finally ended with the group recently releasing its sophomore album “Cleopatra.” The band has nailed the epitome of being an indie group. With much praise and having reached the top album spot on iTunes, The Lumineers is bound to be successful again.cleopatra

First off the album is “In The Light,” where the light summer air feels as though it is going to radiate off your screen while listening to the calm jam. It is such a soothing and feel-good song that you will want to slow dance with someone. You cannot help but feel happy.

Next is the main single off the album called “Ophelia.” The sound reminds avid fans of the indie folk sound of the group’s 2012 album. With its piano-based beats, the lyrics about addictive love is perfection.

The single “Angela” is the climax of the album with the rest of the tracks becoming slower. This song might turn into a fan favorite, telling a story of a girl named Angela who is running away from her small town. The track would be great to hear live or on vinyl.

The song “Sleep on the Floor” is like a sequel to the group’s top hit “Ho Hey,” with its guitar and tambourine beats blasting with originality. Listeners will want to go on an adventure with a group of companions while hearing the folk song lyrics.

The Lumineers took a huge risk waiting four years to release its second album, but many feel it was the right choice. Every song plays with such originality and freshness that you cannot help but praise it. This group deserves to win many awards in the busy year ahead. Fans can look forward to The Lumineers’ global tour in 2016.

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