‘Bates Motel’ documents reality struggle

Following the break-in, Norma goes to the hardware store to repair her broken windows.

Newcomer Chick, overhears Norma’s conversation with the store clerk. Later, he appears at the motel saying he was sent to repair the windows. Chick ends up making many trips to the motel to discuss the repair project. On his second visit, Norma seems a lot more comfortable with him. He admits that he knows Dylan and Caleb, and from here, Chick puts Norma’s troubled past together. He knows that Caleb is Norma’s brother and that Dylan is their child, and also tells Norma what Caleb did to him.

Chick is out for revenge. He wants Norma to give him Caleb’s location so that he can kill him for destroying his life. Norma is distraught and claims that she has no idea where he is. Chick tells her that he will give her time to find him.

We also get to see chatter between Romero and Rebecca. Rebecca admits to breaking into his home to look for Bob Paris’ key, because she is also jealous of him marrying Norma. Romero also mentions to Rebecca that the D.A. is looking into her involvement with money laundering. Later, Romero tells Norma that he killed Bob for her. This episode gave a much needed focus on Romero.

Moreover, we get to see even further development of Norman. He calls his mother to apologize for the way he has been treating her. Norma asks Norman about Dr. Edwards and his father. Later, Dr. Edwards talks to Norman on whether his mother came to visit him.

Norman starts to freak out about him hallucinating her, which triggers Norma. Edwards slowly processes it all and then goes along with it. Later, he visits Norman to tell him that he isn’t alone.

This past episode took a slower approach than the last few. It seems that the small bits and pieces of the multiple plots are finally filling in. As for Norma, her current situation isn’t as bad as some of her past obstacles. However, Norman is still struggling with his hallucinations. It makes you wonder, what is real in Norman’s scenes? Season four of Bates Motel is continuing a great streak of episodes. Until then, we can only wait until next week.

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