UAB announces CampusFest

Clarion, Pa.- Clarion University will be hosting its annual CampusFest event with the talent of two comedians featured on Saturday Night Live: Jay Pharoah, known for his popular Ben Carson and Barack Obama characters, and Aidy Bryant who stars in a variety of skits on the popular weekly program.

Although CampusFest generally centers on musical acts, this year it features comedy according to Abbey Streich, University Activities Board (UAB) CampusFest Committee Chair. She said they would not have access to Tippin Gym for the event and they wanted to get CampusFest “back to what it used to be” and return “to the roots of the committee” said Streich.

CampusFest had previously brought comedians and talent from popular television shows to campus in multi-day events and did not limit the selection of talent to only music.

Streich also elaborated on the extensive and elaborate process that UAB goes through to book talent for CampusFest. UAB works with an agent who facilitates communication between the talent and the university and examines the CampusFest budget and facilities available on campus that would be appropriate for hosting the CampusFest guests.

Jay Pharoah and Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live were chosen by UAB to headline CampusFest.
Jay Pharoah and Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live were chosen by UAB to headline CampusFest.

After establishing a contact between talent and the university, UAB goes through lists of possible guests by genres, artists, comedians and other categories to determine what would be best for the current campus community. Music and comedy are always featured on the list and range from a single day show to multiple-day shows that can be hosted anywhere “from Tippin to Boyd to Gemmell to outdoors.”

These factors are decided, and then the bidding and contracting process begins, where the university offers a bid and the price is either accepted or declined by the talent; depending on the situation, the price may be changed or other facets of the event changed to suit the needs of the talent.

After a bid is accepted, the contracting process begins and is reviewed by the school’s business manager Shelly Wilson. The guest’s wants and needs are outlined, and the school gives what they can provide, generally edited and reviewed by technology advisors Carl Callenburg and Robert Hoover.

Streich said that the process involves a lot of back and forth communication, so the university can properly facilitate the needs of the talent while staying within its budget for CampusFest and the means it has available. The final contract is then signed by representatives on both ends, allowing advertising and ticket sales to begin.

Streich hopes “everyone takes this opportunity to see some amazing talent and that everyone who does come out and support the show has a great time!”

CampusFest will take place on Friday, April 22 with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 8 p.m. Students who pay the activity-fee get one free ticket and extra tickets are completely open to the public and all students and cost $25 each.

Tickets are available at the Gemmell Information Desk between 12 and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday until the event. Streich also stated further questions can be directed to or by messaging UAB on Facebook at

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