Rapper K.A.A.N. serves up lyrical art

Standing for “Knowledge Above All Nonsense,” K.A.A.N is a 24-year-old rapper from Maryland whose original name is Brandon Perry.kaan 3

Growing up and attending Howard High School, he always had an appreciation for music, but did not start writing until 2013. It was not until he was 21 that he tried making it into the rap game.

Starting out by putting his music on the free online streaming service SoundCloud, K.A.A.N. now has over 21,000 followers, 115 tracks on the site and a mixtape called “Abstract Art.” He remixes several different artists’ songs, and has several originals.

Discovering K.A.A.N. on SoundCloud, I became addicted not only to the insane 16-note beats, which he relentlessly spits throughout the whole song, but the detailed meaning and depth behind the lyrics. He immediately caught my attention.

When asked which artists he enjoys listening to most, K.A.A.N. said, “I listen to everything from Sixto Rodriguez, to Nirvana, to Big L. If it’s good music I can listen to and appreciate it.”

A current pressing issue in the music world is how party tracks affect the Millennial with their little to no substance lyrics.

“I think there’s a time and place for everything. Music like that is for a social setting. I think music can be influential for people period, but it’s up to the person listening to that music to determine if, and/or how they want to be influenced,” K.A.A.N. said.

You should listen to K.A.A.N. for his insane flow, beats and remixes. Appreciate his lyrical art and genius, completely enter his lyrics and get lost in them.

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