Post graduation plans: how to handle transition of life after college

With about a month left until the imminent college graduation—on May 7, to be exact—I’m sure seniors, like me, are slowly starting to freak out more and more. Have no fear, because it’s not the end of the world, and you have so many new options to choose from:

Graduate School – Do you love college and want to just keep going until you have every possible degree you can receive? I know I do.  Going to graduate school right after your undergraduate career can be a great idea.  You’re still in an education state of mind, and you can get an even better job one day. Find a grad school that suits you, depending on location, affordability and opportunity.

Enter the Field – Maybe you don’t want or need to go to grad school yet—or ever.  Finding a job that fits your major right after undergrad can be so beneficial, in that you’ll have even more experience and qualifications if you ever decide to go back to school. It can open new doors and help you in determining what area of study you want to focus on in grad school.

Apartment Shopping – This is probably even more stressful than thinking about grad school, I know it has been for me. Finding an apartment that is within your budget and in your desired location is so difficult, especially at this age.  It’s even harder if you’re getting a puppy after graduation.  The empathy I feel for you is so real. Hang in there, you’ll find the perfect place.

Moving Back Home– If your best option is to move back in with your family until you figure out your life, there’s nothing wrong with you. Sometimes it’s necessary until you get yourself in order.  It’s an easy scapegoat to becoming a full-fledged adult after graduation. Have no shame on yourself if you do this, because you’re not the only one.

See the World – Everyone wants to do fun things when they’re young, especially after they’ve achieved something as big as college graduation.  If you have the funds, why not take some time off from life to travel wherever you want? Explore the Buddhist culture in Thailand, the beautiful waters around Hawaii or the frigid temperatures of the Arctic—if that’s what you’re into.

Publish a Memoir – Your 20s are the primetime to write a memoir, especially if you have a lot of great college and even pre-college stories and memories.  A lot of the up-and-coming authors out there got their start in writing memoirs when they were in their 20s.  Go for it, especially if you consider yourself a writer.  I’m planning my own right now.

There are tons of things you can do after you graduate from college, and there’s no time like the present for adventure and post-college fun. Congratulations to all of the seniors who will walk across that stage in a month, and good luck.

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