Pay raises vs program cuts

Anyone who attends Clarion University knows that the music program is getting cut out from underneath us. There is no longer an option to major in music or music education. A student can still minor in music, but who knows how long that is going to last. Something that doesn’t sit right with me is the fact that our provost was getting paid more than any other provost in the state, and in some cases, more than other university’s presidents.

So the person cutting out an entire program because of a lack of funds is getting paid substantially. How does that make sense? Not to mention the president of our university and our provost both got spousal placement here at the university.

Admissions here at Clarion are down a lot as compared to five years ago. Yet our administration is getting paid more and more. That literally makes no sense. Not only are admissions down and programs are getting cut, but the university is building incredibly extravagant new housing options? The whole situation just baffles me.

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