Lukas Graham releases self-titled album

Danish pop singer Lukas Graham’s debut album “Lukas Graham (Blue Album)” was released in the U.S. under Warner Bros. Records. The 12-track album was produced in Europe in 2015 and contains the No. 2 hit single “7 Years.”lukas

“Lukas Graham” blends philosophical reflection with frivolity. Graham tells stories of his childhood, heartbreaks and considers mortality. Songs also include subjects of simplicity, fame and restlessness.

The single, “7 Years,” takes Graham from memories of being young to engaging in risky behaviors out of arrogance, to becoming an acclaimed 27-year-old singer. His parents’ advice to him as a child was simple, “Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely.” Ultimately, Graham sees himself as making millions of friends in his fans and wondering if all his accomplishments will satisfy him in old age.

Throughout this album, there is the theme that simplicity is idyllic, as in “Mama Said.” Graham sings, “Mama said that it was OK/ Mama said that it was quite alright/ Our kind of people had a bed for the night/ And it was OK.” In “Happy Home,” Graham continues this trend of important family connections.

However, in “Take the World by Storm,” Graham reveals that discontent still prevails, manifesting in unfulfilled search for meaning. Softening this heavy tone, the song “Funeral” treats death lightheartedly, seeking to celebrate a life well lived than to mourn its loss.

In “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me,” Graham gives yet another perspective on death, this time repressing the thought and struggling to keep busy to push away grief.

“Lukas Graham” also includes titles “Hayo,” “Playtime” and “Strip No More,” focusing on non-reflective sexual attraction. These songs bring out a frivolous side to the album as they are concerned primarily with sexual impulses and their fulfillment, or lack thereof.

“Playtime,” in its continuation to the commentary on finding fulfillment in women, adds that alcohol is a primary source of pleasure: “She took me to a dive bar/ The kind that never close/ The cheapest drink was Bourbon shots/ So we loaded up on those.”

“Lukas Graham” is thematically diverse, but relies on simple language. The album contains many catchy, repeating choruses. The songs are upbeat, but most tend to sound similar. The album contains music that is easily memorable, and may play repetitiously in listeners’ heads.

Graham is touring the U.S. starting Friday, April 22 in Detroit. There are currently only seven scheduled concerts in the U.S., and the tour ends Sunday, May 15 in Las Vegas.

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