Wilkinson and Nair: Last affordable housing options lay in rubble

As everyone knows, the demolition of Wilkinson and Nair is well underway and I know there is no way I’m the only one with questions. I completely understand that the destruction of Wilkinson and Nair was necessary due to the age and condition of the buildings, but I do not feel the new suites were the best option.

For starters, the new suites cost almost twice as much to live in as the old dorms. As if college wasn’t expensive enough, many students from low income households are going to face some serious financial issues.

I do not feel that eliminating the last “affordable” housing option on campus and replacing it with one of the most expensive was the most ethical thing to do. We are also being assured over and over again that the new suites are not a way for the university to make more money, and all the money is being used for building upkeep and construction. I’m calling bologna on that one.

At the very least, maybe for right now, they aren’t making more money off the students, but the construction costs aren’t going to last forever. Eventually, the university will be making more money off the students then they were previously. Also, if they weren’t trying to make more money, then why are the buildings so extravagant? Why not make an equally expensive housing option?

I would have less of an issue if they came out and said it was a way to make more money, but the fact they are denying it is frustrating. Side note, why were Starbucks and the campus store moved to the new suites? They may be nicer now, but it’s literally not closer to anyone except the people in the suites.

I almost feel like the university is using big flashy things to almost distract us from them being shady. Not to mention, why not focus on updating the academic buildings?  I may be looking into this too much and over analyzing it, but a lot of the logistics don’t sit right with me.

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