Undertaker vs. Shane: Who wins?

The time draws near.

In but a few days time, the Showcase of the Immortals shall commence.wwe

We’ve been waiting months for this event, and now our patience is about to pay off: WrestleMania is upon us!

WrestleMania XXXII is set to kick-off this coming Sunday, and all signs point to it being one for the ages.

In spite of a slew of injuries that saw company face-man John Cena, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, and many others forced to the sidelines, this year’s Show of Shows is shaping up to be a rather intriguing event.

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE title looks to be as violent as it has been personal, and Dean Ambrose’s No Holds Barred Street Fight against Brock Lesnar promises to be a bloodbath of epic proportions.

What’s really got the WWE Universe in a buzz (for good or bad) has been the one event no one saw coming: Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell.

The prodigal son’s bout with The Deadman is arguably the most anticipated match at WrestleMania this year, and with good reason: if Shane wins, he takes control of Monday Night RAW, and if Undertaker loses, he’ll never work another WrestleMania again.

While I’m certainly not against Shane-O-Mac winning, I’m hesitant to believe that this year’s Mania is Undertaker’s for the losing.

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty convinced The Phenom will be the one standing tall this Sunday.

First and foremost, WrestleMania is set in Dallas, Texas this year, AKA Undertaker’s backyard.

If this was indeed to be his last Mania, wouldn’t you think there’d be more talk and fanfare about the retirement stipulation, especially at his own hometown?

After all, Vince McMahon is the man who’s hired Undertaker to put away S. McMahon dropped that bombshell only a week ago.

A superstar of Taker’s prestige would certainly demand this stipulation be a big, if not the, biggest focal point in the feud.

Yet, the focus has been more on the McMahon family soap opera than anything related to Undertaker.

So, it only seems likely that Undertaker’s the one to get the ‘W’ this weekend.

And you also have to remember the other stipulation in this match: Hell in a Cell, Undertaker’s specialty. Out of the entire roster, past and present, he’s made the most appearances in the caged-ring and is tied with Triple H for the most wins.

While S. McMahon is an exceptional performer and will no doubt dazzle spectators with his death-defying stunts, the Cell is Taker’s domain.

True, he recently suffered a Cell-match to Lesnar back in October, but that makes it all the more likely that he’ll be the one to pick up the win.

So, while I find the prospect of a S. McMahon victory very compelling, I’m in Undertaker’s corner on this one.

Sure, anything could happen- could Undertaker give S. McMahon the win to spite V. McMahon?

But in the end, I feel Undertaker will be the one walking out of the cage this Sunday.

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