Department of Communication developing new sports media minor

One of Clarion’s newest professors is developing a sports media minor that is set to release in the Fall Semester of 2016.

Dr. Lacey Fulton is working in cooperation with other faculty members in the Department of Communication to develop a sports media minor for communication majors.

Mr. Jim Lyle and Dr. Scott Kuehn began course descriptions before Fulton was hired at Clarion University. This past semester, she enhanced course descriptions and is now going through all the processes to make this a reality.

Six new courses have been created for students in this minor.  Introduction to sports media, sports writing and reporting and foundation of sports in American society are three required courses for students with a minor in sports media.

Students can also choose from sports broadcasting. Classes that fall under this umbrella include recorded and live performance, sports promotion and publicity, sports photography, sports audio and video production and many others.

Any students interested in a minor in sports media do not need to know the rules of every sport. To be an announcer, this knowledge is helpful.  However, sports production is about knowing what shots to get with a camera and when.

“There is really a formula behind how to produce any event,” Fulton said. “For people who want to see and understand what the sports do I would just say go to games and watch games on TV.”

In this minor, students can choose which side of sports media they wish to follow.

Fulton said, “The thing that I like the most about the program is that it gives students a way to see each side of sports communication.”

In early February, Department Secretary Nancy Harriger distributed an email survey to students in the Department of Communication to establish whether there was enough interest for a minor in sports media.

The survey asked whether the student was interested and what he or she would like to see in this field of study.  Fulton said, “We got the level of interest that I expected we were going to end up getting.”

Eagle Media Production House produced several remote sport broadcasts this year.  Students take equipment to Tippin Gym to produce the games on site. Up until this point, this was just a hobby for students interested in digital media.

This minor will give students the certification they desire for the hard work that goes into production.  Monica Humes is among many students involved in Eagle Media who thinks this is a step forward for Clarion.

“If people see this on a resume… you’ll look more qualified,” Humes said. The program is going through the Committee on Course and Programs of Study (CCPS) currently.

It will then go to the Board of Governors before the minor is officially available to students.  Fulton hopes the minor will be up and running for the Fall 2016 semester.

For students who are interested in adding a minor in sports media to their degree, go to Clarion University’s student how-to page and find “change your status.”  Then, fill out the form, print it and submit it to the Department of Communication.

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