Clarion offers various Spring activities

Spring is officially here, and while it’s probably the most bipolar climate time of the year in Clarion, it can also be the nicest.

Temperatures have already been in the upper 60s and lower 70s, and hopefully it will only get nicer. Here’s some of the best springtime activities in and around town:

Outside Lounging– Whether it’s on your porch or in the grass on campus, sitting outside is so relaxing. Grab a book and a cold drink and lay around catching some rays.  People-watching is a fun alternative to reading.

Hiking– There are so many great places to hike inside and outside of town if you want to be active while also having fun.  You can go near the river at the bottom of Toby Hill, or you may explore the beauty of the infamous trestle past Walmart and over Interstate 80.

Clarion River– Take a dive or sit on one of the many boating docks at the river. There’s always a refreshing breeze and people to watch.  You can even take a tent and camp out over night if you’re feeling adventurous.  Make sure you see the sunset or sunrise while you’re there.  It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Cook Forest– There are so many fun things to do in Cook Forest, which is about 20 to 30 minutes north of Clarion. You can climb the fire tower, stand on the giant rock ledge and look into the beautiful, scenic valley, go hiking all through the forest, or grab some ice cream and float down the river.  There’s also horseback riding, a small water park, mini-golf and a go-kart track. There’s fun for everyone.

Main Street Exploring– There are tons of local establishments that have delicious food on Main Street, and it only takes minutes to walk to them.  Daddy’s has the best burgers around, Michelle’s Café has great coffee and sandwiches and Bob’s Subs has great—you guessed it—subs. Main Street also has some cool shopping opportunities at places like Artfunkle’s and F.L. Crooks & Co.  It’s always good to support local businesses.

Picnic at the Park– Right across from the courthouse is Veterans Memorial Park.  There, you can take some wonderful food and a blanket—both of which you hopefully bought on Main Street—and have a picnic with your friends or significant other. You can even bring your dog with you while you enjoy the day with the people you love most.

All of these springtime activities can help you escape from the everyday stress of college, especially as the end of the semester looms over our heads—there’s only a little over a month left.  Take a break, relax and appreciate the little things in life. Let’s just hope the weather cooperates with your plans.

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