And then there were three: Republican Presidential race speeds up

The Republican contest in the 2016 Presidential Election is one starkly divided along ideological and political ideals. Although the race on the Republican side began with a plethora of candidates, the race has narrowed down to only three candidates on the Republican side.

Clear front-runner Donald Trump continues to dominate the media with constant press coverage that goes beyond the levels of any other people in the entertainment industry, from Taylor Swift to Hulk Hogan. Senator Ted Cruz is shaping up to be the republican establishment’s unlikely savior, as former establishment Republican front-runner Marco Rubio was knocked out of the race following an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in his home state of Florida.

Sen. Cruz has been the odd duck in this race, staying ahead despite a general consensus among many republicans that he is not fit of the position. While the general voting population seems to disagree as Cruz handedly retains his second place position. The strangest of the candidates is John Kasich, current governor of Ohio, who easily took his home state and seems to think that will be enough for him to stay in the race.

The next few primary voting days could spell the end for Gov. Kasich and bring the competition among the republicans down to just Trump and Cruz. According to a recent CNN/ORC Polls, 47 percent of Republicans said they would like to see Trump win the Republican nomination, down only 2 percent when the same poll was given in February. Cruz, in the same poll, comes in at 31 percent and Kasich comes in at a low of 17 percent.

These polls seem to accurately reflect primary results in most states with Trump dominating, Cruz coming in at a distant second and Kasich trailing in a seemingly fruitless third. Another poll from CNN/ORC highlights the general feelings in the Republican Party towards Kasich, with around 70 percent of Republicans stating that they think Kasich should end his presidential run.

If the establishment wing of the Republican Party wishes to stop Trump, it seems that they need to decide which of the two alternative candidates to rally behind. Support seems to be leaning to the staunchly more conservative. Cruz, who is far more conservative and religious than Kasich, two qualities Republican candidates very much look for in a candidate. Although Kasich seems the more sensible choice with his calm demeanor and seemingly rational approach to politics, in a political environment like the 2016 election none of that seems to matter. Votes clearly seem to be going to the loudest, flashiest candidates rather than the ones who would be effective at their job.

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