Feminist book compiles essays, poems, art

“The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future” is a collection of essays, poems, art and other forms of expression created by cutting-edge people. The anthology was published by the Feminist Press, and edited by Alexandra Brodsky and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff.feminist

In compiling “The Feminist Utopia Project,” the creators were asked to display how they envisioned a truly and perfectly feminist future. Every voice was sharp and full of good ideas, and they came from a variety of occupations, including sociologists, writers, artists and abortion providers. It is interesting to read the different ideas and visions of people from so many walks of life.

My favorite essays of the book were fictional stories about purely feminist and equal societies. One of the essays took place on another planet, in which incarceration and anger are replaced by rehabilitation and remorse and everyone is considered equal.

The art in the book is beautiful and creative and it really gets the point of the book across, even without words. One piece of art consisted of two pictures that depicted the first day of school in a world where gender did not matter in regard to clothes and actions.

Every entry in this book strives to give optimism and hope about a future in which everyone is equal. It serves as a guidebook for the creation of a better and more positive society, and will hopefully help its readers make strides at being a building block for that process.

One of the coolest characteristics of this book is that you do not have to read its entirety, and you do not have to read it in the order in which it is presented. It can be kept on your nightstand and picked up at random before bedtime, or you can read a chapter between classes.

“The Feminist Utopia Project” is an entertaining and quick read that has the potential to inspire change in society. Each voice in the anthology is powerful and creative, and reading about the individual utopias is a leap forward to making those visions and dreams come true.

Whether it is a real-life story about an abortion clinic, a fictional work chronicling a woman trapped in a phone booth by men or a multi-page art project showcasing old words that have new meanings in a feminist world, this book has the tenacity and willpower to push our society into a new age of equality and positivity.

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