‘Bates Motel’ hurtles into Norman’s psyche

Once again, this week’s episode of “Bates Motel” beautifully shows the fall of Norma and Norman Bates. One of the greatest hooks of tragedy is watching the characters struggle after it is too late.bates poster

We are at a point now where we know that Norma is going to have a terrible end. Norman is at a point in his madness where he cannot turn back. He is finally becoming the maniac that we see in “Psycho.”

This week’s episode wastes no time and jumps right into Norma and Romero’s wedding. There is an underlying sadness as you can tell no one is perfectly happy, it is what the couple needs to do to get Norman treatment.

At this point, we notice this may be the downfall of Norma and Romero. Norman still believes that his mother is a killer who is trying to blame him for everything. With Norman’s madness increasing, we foreshadow something awful.

The episode has an emphasis on Norma and Norman’s relationship. Norma is desperate to get a basic “I love you” from her son. It is also weird to see Romero trying to act like everything is normal. Romero has a hard time watching Norma unable to handle her son.

Norma reflects on her past marriages and relationships, which reminds her of how scarred her life is. The episode also shows shots of Norma lying contently in bed. This episode is begging us to think something positive can happen, but we know Norma is doomed in the end.

Another highlight of this episode is Norman interacting with Dr. Edwards in the hospital where he also befriends Julian. The relationship does not go into detail, but it can only end one of two ways.

The end of the episode comes with the resurgence of Bob Paris’s murder. This is going to bring back various problems from previous seasons and only add onto the stress.

This week’s episode concluded with Norma and Norman reuniting. Norman has channeled his circumstances into hatred for his mother. Norma has never looked more broken in the show until this point. Norman’s misguidedness will lay the foundation for the divide between himself and his mother. “Bates Motel” is moving rapidly this season, and it continues to take us into the depths of Norman’s madness.

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