Student experiences Europe’s diversity in school, learns the lingo

Schooling: Schooling in Ireland, like much of Europe, is very different from American education.

As you know, higher education in the United States is very expensive in order to keep it competitive.

However in much of Europe, higher education is at a very low cost in order to encourage people to gain an education.

Also, the way sessions are taught are very different. There are no mandatory text books to be purchased; books are to be found in the library when needed.

There is no homework or quizzes. Although, there is one assignment, a group research report to be turned in at the end of the semester and one comprehensive test.

Grading is also done differently. Instead of being given 100 points and then getting points taken away to end up with a grade of 90 percent, equaling to an A and so on, your grade starts at 0 and you earn points as the assignments continue to be graded.

Therefore, receiving a 70 percent here is equivalent to an A in America.

Lingo: There are some different terms that would be important to know when traveling in Ireland. Here are some things I had to learn the hard way:

•”Want to go have some crack” means the person is asking if you want to go have fun, not drugs.

•The word “crisps” is referring to potatos chips .

•Chips are actually French fries.

•Bacon is just sliced ham.

•A “cuppa” means a warm cup of tea or coffee. They don’t drink anything cold except for water, and that is normally room temperature.

Well, thank you for reading about my adventures in Ireland! Hopefully you enjoyed them and gained some culture along the way.

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