Prepare for warmer weather: Spring forward to the hottest fashion trends

Spring is coming, which means everyone is hopeful for warm weather and no snow in the forecast.

It’s also the start of music festival season, as well as laying outside on campus and relaxing between classes.

Keep up with the trendiest spring fashion with this guide for both men and women:

Ombré shirts: There are two nifty things about ombré shirts: the way the shirt gradually transitions from one color to the next and how you can make your own ombré shirt with some bleach, water and a bucket.  Types of shirts include denim, flannel and V-neck.  Honestly, anything looks cool when it’s ombré, and anyone can wear it.

Jumpsuits and rompers: These one-piece trends have been in and out of the hippest and hottest fashion category for a while now, but recently they seem to be making a comeback for good. You can get them in all types of styles, such as floral, tribal print and a simple yet sleek-looking denim.

Jogger shorts: Jogger pants have been a huge hit in fashion as of last year, and they’ve been turned into an alternative form that are perfect for spring and summer: shorts.

They still have a drawstring as well as a range of colors and materials, such as knit, denim and cargo. Yes, they actually make cargo look good, or at least, acceptable.

Oversized/long-length shirts: Lately, it seems like tight-fitting shirts are a thing of the past, and retailers such as Urban Outfitters and PacSun sell shirts that are actually labeled as having a longer length or having an oversized fit.

They make everything oversized, from pocket T-shirts to flannels to baseball tees.  Get an oversized shirt and feel the breeze flow.

Button-ups: The hip floral and trendily obscure patterns are endless when it comes to button-up shirts, and they go with almost any kind of pants or shorts out there. They especially look great with a baseball hat of your choice.

Utility and denim jackets: Both men and women can throw on a denim or utility jacket to go outside. They’re lightweight and versatile, making them perfect for so many different kinds of styles and outfits. There’s a jacket out there for everyone.

Sandals: I used to be against the very idea of sandals, but last year, I discovered how fashionable they can be with the right outfit. Brands like Birkenstock and Teva are the hottest right now.  With a vast collection of styles and colors to pick from, there are so many options.

Hopefully with this spring fashion guide, you’ll be ready for as many music festivals and outdoor adventures that you can handle.  Get out there and have fun as the weather gets warmer, but make sure to do it in style.

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